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The use of professional sun protection systems has become widespread in the today's world. The blinds have gone far beyond the limits of commercial property, i.e. trading and office premises, restaurants and other leisure places. Nowadays, a renovation of an apartment or a country house can hardly do without selecting the correct "light filter" for the interior being designed.

The range of the blinds applications and functional capabilities is wide and many-sided:

- protect personal space from excessive attention, hide from other's eyes - adjust the illumination level, control the light flux to create optimal working and leisure conditions

- create a comfortable microclimate, protect the premises from overheating, provide the adjustment of both light and heat flux reflection

- maintain privacy and create coziness, since the play of light and shadow in space reveals the familiar interior in a different way

- protect the premises interior decorations from fading, i.e. the destructive ultraviolet effect

- make additional highlights, since the blinds as a decorative element are able to emphasize the overall design concept

The blind systems presented in the Amigo range of products allow choosing the window light opening decoration as a whole by installing the product outside or inside the opening. There are products to work with space as well as zoning and niche decorating options. One may choose specialized systems for PVC windows that are installed directly on the frame plane, providing free access to the window sill space. The blinds allow to adjust the intensity and set the direction of the light flux in plane.

The variety of systems and control options defies the imagination of even an experienced customer. The range of classic horizontal and vertical blinds, that have been well-loved since 1990's, is nowadays supplemented with roller blinds and pleated shades. These systems are customized to the interior specific requests and features. The range of Amigo sun protection systems is widely represented and is intensively developing in four directions:

1. Vertical blinds. The blinds design consists of an aluminum holder with vertical 89 mm wide blades. The vertical blades can be moved from side to side and tilt around its axis to achieve the optimal position. A cord and a chain, being the operating elements, provide for easy adjustment of the light flux and convenient operation. The vertical blades can be fabricated of various materials: fabric, aluminum, plastic or combination of several materials in one product when designing composite blinds. We would like to draw your attention to the Breeze string blinds, that are the designers favorite tool used for the zonal room division.

2. Horizontal blinds. The blinds design incorporates steel sections, tilt and pull mechanisms integrated in a top holder, horizontal blades arranged in a sheet with the help of strong ropes and a ladder string. Blades tilting and pulling allows to adjust the light flux efficiently, as well as ensure the optimal sun protection and privacy. The blades are made of 16, 25, 35-wave and 50 mm wide aluminum strip, wood or bamboo. You may choose the blinds system and the blade width depending on the product size, ranging from small-sized horizontal cassette systems for PVC windows to large wood products in a retro-system.

3. Roller blinds. They reveal the elegance and richness of textures of the fabric sheet being a protective screen and an additional decorative element. The diversity of material collections provides a wide choice of fabrics according to the degree of translucence, availability of a reflective layer, designs and pattern areas. The product structure is a fabric sheet controlled by a chain or a spring mechanism that may be completely wound onto a tube. Depending on the set challenges, an open classic roller blinds system or a closed cassette design is selected. There are compact products for PVC windows and models for panoramic glazing of large areas.

Zebra fabric roller blinds or mirage blinds have the greatest functional capabilities to control and direct the light flux.

4. Pleated shades. The product harmony is demonstrated in the combination of the exquisite variety of material collections and the comprehensive and technically compact system. The original sheet is a pleated fabric ideally performing decorative and sun protection functions in the premises of any type. The pleated shades are the most functional products on the market of professional sun protection systems. They allow to choose the optimal model and control option and find the tailor-made solution for the most demanding customer. Winter gardens, glass domed roofs, dormer windows and openings of irregular shapes are the spaces where the pleated shades may be applied.

Exclusive and premium-segment products, high-tech systems and modern motorization options, collector component and compliance with modern trends, correct positioning and effective pricing policy represent the integrated approach of our company to the competitive market development and honorable representation of the product in the perception of the current customer.